February 05, 2024

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How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child in Sarjapur Road Bangalore



A preschool is an educational institute that offers early childhood education. They are also called play schools or nursery schools. These schools mainly concentrate on children between the ages of three and five. Preschools are either publicly owned or privately run. A preschool environment is very necessary for a child’s overall development and growth. As per reports access to early childhood years of education is very limited in India. Estimates from the NSO data reveal that only around 20% of children in the age group of 3–5 years attend preschool. However, parents are now more concerned about taking their children to preschool. However, finding the right preschool in Bangalore sometimes gets confusing as there are several factors such as safety, school environment, location, and more that need to be taken care of before admitting your child.

Factors to consider when choosing a preschool

  • Holistic Development: The best preschools in Sarjapur Road Bangalore focus on a holistic approach to the development of the child. The foundation and other curricular activities are designed in such a way that it takes care of a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and creative needs. They engage children in a fun manner either teaching basic lessons or inculcating other activities like music, arts, and sports.
  • Emphasis on life skills and Critical Thinking: A preschool is a place where a child can learn life skills in the process of playing with other kids, different group activities can help them with critical thinking and learning. Preschool children should be taught to manage their day-to-day activities by themselves, like using the washroom independently, having their tiffin by themselves, cleaning up the space, helping their friends, making them understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, etc. All these little steps lay a strong foundation for overall growth in children.

School environment

  • Safety and Security: Children are extremely vulnerable at the ages of 3 and 5, so parents need to look out for preschools that are highly safe, secure, and clean facilities. Preschools must have safety and security measures and guidelines. Children at this age are too young to differentiate between wrongs and rights; hence, strict rules would keep unethical and unsafe things at bay. CMR Gandhi Public School has facilities like CCTV cameras and full background checks on staff members are important parts that need to be added to good preschool guidelines. A hundred percent safety insurance from the school’s end is a must before choosing a preschool for your child.

  • Qualified and Experienced Teachers: A child’s needs other than safety and security is a good and experienced teacher, who is not just excellent in the teaching methods but also a kind and loving person. Because a child at this age needs much love and attention. If you are a parent and thinking about how to select a preschool for your child then consider these factors preschool teachers should have enough experience to handle every child with love, care, and attention. A skilled and passionate educator makes a difference. Preschools that have strict regulations for the hiring process of faculty would perform better than other preschools.

  • Parent-Teacher Involvement: A child’s progress report is to be shared and worked on with a parent and teacher together.  Preschools near Sarjapur Road Bangalore maintain strong communication with the parents to keep track of their daily activities. Parents should seek a preschool that encourages regular communication between the teacher and parents. There should be a regular meeting, workshop sessions with parents, and fun play activities with the children and parents participating together. This collaboration fosters a healthy relationship between parents and teachers, which is beneficial for the child’s progress.

 Other Factors to Consider

  • Location and Convenience: Preschool children are very young at this age and choosing a preschool near me in Sarjapur Road will be a convenient factor for the child and the parent. Traveling too far from home becomes a hectic schedule for the child and there’s no fun leftthen;, hence choosing a familiar area and good location before admission becomes very important. Parents need to ensure that the preschool is located in a secure area, with well-maintained road and infrastructure facilities.
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: Several factors contribute to a child’s development in a preschool environment, and class size is one of them. It matters that you choose a preschool offering a class ratio that supports each child without ignoring the other. The presence of teachers should be in increase in number of children in the preschool. Exhausted teachers might not be able to fully concentrate on the child’s requirements. Hence, a preschool with an adequate number of teachers becomes a very essential factor when choosing a preschool for your children.
  • Special Programs and Initiatives: Preschool admission in Sarjapur Road Bangalore offers a great academic and social background to young children. The curriculum and pedagogy are designed in such a manner that it supports the child’s overall development. Preschool special programs are conducted in a way to provides structured and play-based learning. Activities such as reading, role play, music, dance, meditation, martial arts,etc., enhance their talents create awareness, and improve their critical and reasoning skills.


 The quality of preschool sets the quality of your child’s overall growth and development. CMR Gandhi Public School is the best preschool in Bangalore that allows you to stand out exceptionally with its bright academic background and extra-curriculum. With a mission to maximize the unique potential of every student CMR Gandhi Public School prepares a pathway to success for preschool children. The vision of CMRGPS is to make their students confident, innovative, and responsible global leaders by adopting 21st-century learning pedagogy. Nurturing with love and care at CMRGPS preschool in Bangalore near Sarjapur Road is the best choice parents can make to help their children glow and grow in the future.