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As toddlers develop friendship, self-esteem, and curiosity, our pre-Montessori program will help the children to explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help toddlers develop in ways that give them the comfort and confidence to grow both cognitively and socially. Our pre-primary teachers are passionate, hardworking, kind, and very well-qualified. They aim to bring out the unique personality of each individual. They are taught creatively and made aware of the concepts using child-safe modern teaching aids and hands-on activities. This fosters lifelong learning Co-curricular activities and sports both indoors and outdoors help the child to build their confidence and be independent.

Montessori : M0 to M3 (Pre-Nursery to UKG)

The Montessori school strives to maintain a secure, comfortable, fully interactive and diverse environment where students are encouraged to learn and grow. The curriculum is true to the visionary educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and is individualized for each student. This wonderful and welcoming environment is specially designed to forge growing independence and to learn problem solving skills.

Our comprehensive curriculum promotes teaching student’s the skills needed for succeed in school and develop a lifetime love for learning.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Reading, writing and language skill
  • Mathematical skills
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Scientific literacy
  • Social sciences
  • Creative arts

Primary School : Grade 1 to 5

The primary school program is crucial in fostering the holistic development and academic success of young students. These formative years provide the foundation for future learning and personal growth. CMR Gandhi Public School’s primary program focuses on laying the ground work for fundamental skills such as literacy, numeracy and critical thinking.

The program caters to the individual needs and provide an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment. At the same time, the primary school program encourages the students to identify & embrace their unique identity and make best use of their untapped potential. From grade 1, students enjoy the advantage of learning valuable skills in the Technology Lab including the Robotics Lab under the guidance of skilled and dedicated instructors.

Middle School : Grade 6 to 8

The middle school program is based on a keen understanding of curious young learners who aspire to explore global academic and professional opportunities and become responsible leaders of our future. This program enables students to develop a deep and meaningful understanding of the curriculum. The academic curriculum is supported by unique outside the classroom programs.

The Middle School (Std. 6 to 8) is a transition channel of intellectual and emotional curiosity. This is a time of sensitivity, expectation, assertion and questioning. Keeping this in mind, our curriculum is designed to meet children’s varied intellectual and developmental needs.

‘Graded learning’ provides experiences to the pupils relevant to their strengths, needs and interests. ‘Project Work’ supplements the theoretical acquisition of knowledge, understanding and application in every subject area. Educational excursions, nature trails, exploration camps, monsoon treks and participation in co-curricular activities make the education programme a stimulating learning experience for all. Value Education fits into the curriculum designed and offers a holistic approach to education.

High School : Grade 9 & 10

In Grades 9 to 12 the emphasis is towards preparing students for higher education and careers. This critical phase of the student’s academic journey requires a comprehensive approach that balances academic rigor with the development of essential skills, preparing students to navigate the complexities of the world beyond school. High school curriculum at CMR GPS offers advanced and in-depth study in subjects such as mathematics, sciences, language, arts and social studies. Emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving abilities.

Our program incorporates latest technology and robotics to develop digital literacy and proficiency in using these tech tools on various platforms effectively. In addition, abundant opportunities for student leadership, community service and character education programs are provided.

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