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For over three decades, CMR Gandhi Public School in HSR Layout, Bangalore has offered CBSE-based learning that is a class apart. Academics lie at the core of our educational approach, which aims to draw out the best in every student. 

Our curriculum blends the leadership of experienced teachers, well-equipped facilities, and innovative pedagogies. Each young mind is encouraged to pursue diverse interests – be it in the sciences, humanities, arts, or crafts.  This approach positions us as a distinguished name among schools in HSR Layout

Our commitment is not just to educate but to inspire a lifelong love of learning in our students. Here, learning transforms into a joyous, lifelong journey that balances education with overall growth.


Our academic programs at CMR Gandhi Public School are diverse and robust, catering to different educational stages – from Playschool to Middle School, Primary, Montessori, and High School. 

As one of the esteemed CBSE Schools in HSR Layout, we focus on nurturing each child’s unique skills, preparing them for future challenges. Our curriculum, enriched with ‘Vidhya Vana’, incorporates elements of nature in teaching conventional classroom subjects, providing a unique and engaging learning experience. 

Our teaching faculty, well-qualified and dedicated, is the backbone of our institution, providing an environment where ‘Graded Learning’ is the norm. This method ensures that education is tailored to each student’s strengths, needs, and interests. 

‘Project Work’ is an integral part of our curriculum, enhancing theoretical learning with practical applications across various subject areas. Our facilities support this approach, making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for every student.


Located on Sarjapur Road, CMR Gandhi Public School is ranked among the best CBSE Schools in HSR Layout Bangalore. Our campus is thoughtfully built to provide a balanced environment for our students’ education and recreation. 

With excellent connections to major IT centers like Whitefield and Electronic City, our school is at a convenient yet quiet location. The cheerful campus has bright, airy classrooms well-equipped with latest technology for IT lessons, science laboratories furnished with all modern experiment apparatus, and a spacious library filled with books, journals and e-resources.

Our playgrounds and sports fields stretch across the grounds with courts for various games and team sports. We encourage students to stay active through physical education and even have sports coaches. There are zones allocated for extracurricular pursuits in dance, music and arts too. 

The campus layout is purposefully planned to allow focused learning as well as opportunities to play and destress. Students can immerse in studies in academic zones while taking relaxing breaks in open, green spaces across the grounds. This balance helps them enjoy school and drives their wholesome, all-round progress.

Our HSR Layout school fosters not just academic excellence but exposure to sports, culture, technology and real-world skills, shaping responsible citizens of strong character.

Extracurricular Activities

At CMR Gandhi Public School, learning happens beyond textbooks too. So along with strong academic foundations, we nurture our students holistically through diverse activities.

Physical education classes and coaching in sports like football, basketball, etc. promote fitness, coordination skills,, and team spirit. Students can also opt for yoga, aerobics,s or dance to stay actively energized. Our nutrition counselors guide them on a balanced diets hydration, and healthy snacking. We conduct workshops on wellness, positive thinking,  and counseling for their emotional growth. 

To build camaraderie, students are grouped under 4 houses named after rivers – Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna, and Cauvery. They participate collectively in inter-house sports tournaments, communityprograms, programs, etc. This bonds them for life and enhances soft skills too.

For exploring interests, we have hobby clubs where students brainstorm ideas freely, work on innovations together, and find inspiration from peers. From arts, music, and drama to robotics, and journaling, there is something for every child to discover their potential.

This well-rounded exposure makes school enjoyable for students and equips them for adulthood with life lessons beyond academics. 

Learning Philosophy

At CMR Gandhi Public School, a prominent institution among schools near HSR Layout, our learning philosophy is centered on nurturing lifelong learners. We understand that education is an evolving journey, not just a destination. 

Our focus extends beyond academic excellence to instilling essential virtues such as self-discipline, effective time management, and cooperation. These skills are crucial for our students’ personal and professional growth. We believe in evaluating students not just on their academic achievements but also on their overall development. 

At CMR Gandhi Public School, we are committed to an educational process that evolves with time, embracing new methods and technologies to enhance learning experiences.

Contact Information

For further information about CMR Gandhi Public School, please refer to the following details:

Address: No. 31/1, Hadosiddapura Main Road, Sarjapur Road, Behind R.G.A Tech Park, Bangalore – 560 035

Phone: +91 88612 02600, +91 99804 86091


Website: Visit Our Website

CBSE Affiliation Number: 831207

For easy location reference, please use this map link: Reach Us: Map

Our campus is conveniently located, offering easy access to families residing near HSR Layout and surrounding areas. 

Bus Routes

At CMR Gandhi Public School, located conveniently near HSR Layout, we provide easy and accessible bus routes for our students. Here are five key routes:

Route 1:  From HSR Layout Sector 1, take the 14th Main Rd., approximately 20 minutes to school.

Route 2: Via Harlur Road, connecting HSR Layout Sector 2 to our school, about a 25-minute journey.

Route 3: From HSR Layout BDA Complex, through 27th Main Road, reaching the school in roughly 30 minutes.

Route 4: From HSR Layout Sector 7, using Hosa Road, a journey of approximately 35 minutes to our campus.

Route 5: From HSR Layout 19th Main Road, traveling via Outer Ring Road, taking about 40 minutes to arrive at school.

For detailed information about bus timings, specific pick-up points, and transportation fees, we encourage parents and guardians to contact us. We understand the importance of safe and reliable transportation for our students.

Please connect with us to learn more about what makes CMR Gandhi Public School an ideal choice for your child’s education.