CBSE Affiliation Number : 831207

Primary School

Primary School : Grade 1 to 5

Based on the National Education Policy of 2020 and the best international standards of primary level education; this program incorporates a variety of pedogogical approaches into a seamless and enduring curriculum. The aim of this program is to provide an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment to nurture students in their formative years. The program sets clear & specific goals to help each child achieve excellence in all spheres of development including moral / ethical reasoning, emotional intelligence, creative imgination, intellectual capabilities, social skills and physical strength. At the same time , the primary school program encourages the students to identify & embrace their unique identity and make best use of their untapped potential. From grade 1, students enjoy the advantage of learning valuable skills in the Technology Lab including the Robotics Lab under the guidence of skilled and dedicated instructors.

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