Montessori Schools in HSR Layout Bangalore


CMR Gandhi Public School is a leading Montessori school in HSR Layout, Bangalore. With over 15 years of experience in Montessori education, CMR Gandhi Public School is committed to providing academic excellence and holistic learning opportunities to each child.

About HSR Layout

HSR Layout is a fast-developing residential and commercial neighborhood in South Bangalore. Known for its wide tree-lined avenues, numerous parks and greenery, it has emerged as a preferred location for families looking for good schools. As a Montessori school in HSR Layout, CMR Gandhi Public School offers easy accessibility to children across the locality.

Montessori Program

Overview of Montessori Education

The Montessori method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori based on her extensive observations of children. It utilizes child-sized furniture, hands-on Montessori materials, and uninterrupted work cycles that spark children’s natural desire to explore and learn. Teachers observe each child closely to guide their self-directed activity. Key aspects include cultivating independence, freedom within limits, respect, cooperation and peaceful conduct. This scientific pedagogy nurtures the child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Principles of Montessori Method

The core principles driving Montessori education include – respect for the child’s unique individuality and innate passion to learn; specially-designed, sequential Montessori materials that enable abstract concepts to be learned concretely; mixed age classrooms with 3-year age groupings that facilitate peer learning; freedom within a prepared environment with clear limits and structure; strategic teacher interventions rather than interference; observation-based assessments of each child’s progress by the teacher; partnership with parents; and education for peace, compassion, service and global understanding.

Benefits of Montessori Education

Published research validates long-observed benefits of Montessori education. These include – higher student achievement across subjects and skills; advanced executive functioning; creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship; intrinsic motivation to learn; socio-emotional balance; ethical orientation and community mindedness. Montessori alumni credit their Montessori schooling for success in post-school journeys related to higher education, careers, innovation and life pursuits.

Unique Features of Montessori Schools in Bangalore

While adhering to Montessori principles, Montessori schools in Bangalore differentiate themselves by offering: a seamless bilingual language learning environment; integration of Montessori curriculum with mainstream ICSE/IGCSE/CBSE syllabi; well-equipped campuses with latest technologies; expertise in specific programs like music and sports; scholastic and non-scholastic competitions; community outreach initiatives; transport facilities covering wide catchments and more. These features enable balanced and holistic development for every child.


Spread across 2 acres, the CMR Gandhi Public School campus is specially designed to meet the requirements of Montessori learning programs. Key facilities include:

  • Spacious, well-ventilated classrooms
  • Computer lab with latest educational softwares
  • Fully-equipped science lab
  • Library with thousands of age-appropriate books
  • Sand pits, activity zones and playgrounds
  • Indoor games room and dance studio

Extracurricular Activities

Aligned with the best Montessori schools in HSR Layout Bangalore, CMR Gandhi Public School offers a rich variety of extracurricular activities like:

  • Nature Club – Gardening, nature walks
  • Readers Club – Reading, storytelling, book reviews
  • Sports – Football, tennis, skating, karate etc.

These activities stimulate curiosity and allow experimentation beyond textbooks.

Learning Philosophy

Aligning with Montessori principles, CMR Gandhi Public School prioritizes self-directed learning calibrated to suit each child’s unique interests and abilities. Specially-trained Montessori teachers are skilled observers who understand when to strategically intervene and when to step back and give space. Their role is to facilitate excited knowledge discovery in students via the Montessori materials, peer collaboration, open-ended experiments and tailored guidance.

Ongoing assessment is an integral part of the teaching methodology instead of an annual examination. Teachers maintain meticulous records and progress reports for each child across math, language, sensorial exploration, practical life exercises, science experiments, arts and crafts etc. This helps to pinpoint every child’s strengths as well as areas needing attention. Specific lessons are then tailored to enable concept clarity. Over time, this fosters an abiding love of learning.

Key life skills like organization, concentration, time management, self-discipline, teamwork, communication and intrinsic motivation are organically woven into the educational experience from the very beginning. The non-competitive, stress-free environment coupled with consistent mentoring and positive reinforcement nurtures creativity even as it builds confidence and resilience.

Through their evolving journey at CMR Gandhi Public School, students master the ability to set goals, create plans, handle responsibilities, meet deadlines, and evaluate their own progress – abilities that equip them to shine as engaged learners and citizens.

Contact Information

Address : Hobli, No.31/1, Chikkakannelli Village, Varthur, Sarjapur – Marathahalli Rd, Hadosiddapura, Chikkakannalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035, India

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Bus Routes

CMR Gandhi Public School provides extensive bus transport facilities to ensure easy commutes for students coming from various parts of Bangalore. Buses ply on over 18 major routes covering prime residential areas like Silk Board, Madiwala, BTM Layout, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Koramangala, Banashankari, Vijayanagar, Mysore Road and many more locations.

All buses take the Outer Ring Road and then enter HSR Layout via the 4th Block. Additional pick-up points are available along key intermediate stops like Agara Junction, IIM Bangalore, Kalyan Nagar etc. Buses are tracked through GPS and parents can view real-time movement through the school’s app.

To facilitate personalized and enjoyable rides for the young children, buses have trained attendants along with teachers. Bus interiors are air-conditioned and fitted with CCTV cameras. Compliance checks ensure buses adhere to all traffic rules and safety protocols laid out by transport authorities. Together, these measures prioritize safe, convenient and stress-free commutes for children coming to the Montessori program at CMR Gandhi Public School in HSR Layout.

Specific routes are:

  1. Silk Board -> Agara Junction -> HSR Layout
  2. BTM Layout -> Madiwala -> HSR Layout
  3. Banashankari -> ORR -> HSR Layout
  4. Jayanagar -> JP Nagar -> HSR Layout

Timings are aligned to suit working parents across Bangalore. Queries regarding bus routes and pick-up points may be directed to the school transport department.


With its prime location, bespoke campus, trained Montessori teachers and focus on holistic learning, CMR Gandhi Public School offers an outstanding Montessori program in HSR Layout. Parents are encouraged to visit or contact the school to learn more.