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CMR Gandhi Public School
for Out-of-the-Book Learning
About Us Our mission is to provide engaging academics blended with technology, sports and arts.
Apply Now Student engagement is when students About Us are excited to learn, participate in learning and demonstrate a positive attitude. Learn More Finhow International Education Early years program for CMR Gandhi Public School

What sets us apart

A when you look at schools, ask about the kinds of studies that they offer. Some schools are academic, aimed at teaching children plan. In 1801, our founder had a revolutionary idea and better conditions for every single pupil.

Visit our school and speak with our parents and staff for a more. to educate and empower young women. Vision of education inspire us today.

School values and excellence

Get ahead of the competition and discover trends before become yesterday’s news. Start today smarter than you yesterday.

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To explore, to reach higher, to experience the joy.

A day in the life. Please join us as we walk through a day of a Ed student. Request a tour ➜

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Belief that a balanced education leads to a powerful life

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